Trends 2018 - 03

Dear spring people,

the sun is evoking our wanderlust and the bags for our trip to Salone del Mobile are packed and ready to go – Milano, here we come! Travelling is in the air, so let’s take a look at one of the most obvious and essential elements of travelling: Lodging and hospitality.

Being one of the oldest industries in human history there is a constant need to adapt to the guests’ expectations. Enhanced consumer awareness has made way for niches within the industry, focusing on the variety of guest types. There is an emergence of new amenities and new approaches are arising: some of them innovative, some of them reviving the old, but all of them catering to the need for uncomplicated, easy accessible and congenial shelter.

One of the major trends concentrates on combining different areas of life – work, leisure, culture and community: Conceptual spaces like ‘The Lovelace’ in Munich, Germany, are shifting the focus away from the guest room and towards public common spaces, to act as hubs of social engagement, entertainment, and business networking.

Another trend is leading us back to the scenery of American motels, an old concept given a modern revamp. Famous motels like ‘The Verve’ and ‘The Austin Motor Motel’ are back in fashion, with a design touch up and the iconic spirit of free and nomadic 60ies road movies.

Well then, buckle up and pack your shades! See you in Milano!


Linda Bachmeyer