Our Services

All of our services are focused around design storytelling through the stages of strategy, design and visualisation. Projects may start at different stages, some requiring more strategy, some more design work and others mainly visualisation assets. We offer service modules which are flexible and can fit as required to project requirements.  Further to these we offer consulting services and workshops in collaboration with Sigrid Mayer, further information can be found here.



Market research - Trends - Workshops

We believe the right start to any project is a collective understanding of its key themes and goals. If the project starts at this step, then we undertake a market research and trend study based on the key themes and ambitions of the project. These themes can also be explored through a  workshop in collaboration with Sigrid Mayer, to find out more please click here



Concept - Narrative - Look and Feel - Specification

We work either in collaboration with agencies or directly with clients to develop user targeted and trend relevant interior design concepts for real estate, retail and hospitality. We collaborate with material suppliers, furniture brands and lighting manufacturers to ensure a realistic representation of the end result. We focus on storytelling within the design process, challenging and considering the customer's view of the space and their subsequent experience.



Visualisation - Animation - Virtual Reality - Interactive

A crucial marketing tool of any project are the visuals, animations, image films and virtual reality assets. We are experts in photo realistic visualisation, creating image film 'trailers' for real estate, retail and hospitality and combining the best of these assets into virtual reality experiences which can be embedded into client websites or shared via a branded app. Most of our research work goes into 'virtual space' and the creation of brand experiences through digital imagery and virtual reality.