Strategy & Research

Strategic input and market research can be required at various project stages. 

We support clients in the decision making process towards new project goals or the modification of existing ones. Our strength is in the alignment of commercial goals with creative execution. 

We undertake analysis of target groups and end users, understanding what aspects need to be addressed in order to make a   project successful.



We undertake in-house trend research and have our own database which is focused on spatial design, furniture, materiality, and new technology. 

This is an integral part of our process and something we partly share via our blog. 

We have developed close connections with industry, specifically to furniture companies and material suppliers. 


We offer workshops for clients in collaboration with marketing coach Sigrid Mayer. 

Here we focus on a clients current strategy and market situation in the context of retail design, hospitality or real estate. 

More information and website coming soon.