Glou Glou

Glou Glou

Vienna, Austria

Interior Design, Visualisation, Animation


For the Vienna based project developer Crownd Estates we created the interior design and CGI visualisations for their Real Estate project “GlouGlou” in the 9th District of Vienna. By understanding the target groups we defined three different interior moods selecting various distinctive furniture pieces, materials and accessories. A collection of exteriors as well as interior visualisations, showing all apartment options in their different styles were created, to help the clients to imagine their new homes and to support the decision making process. The client also had the chance to walk through the house virtually and understand and imagine the place more intensely and real. The design and presentation of the project made it possible to sell most of the apartments before building work started.



VR TOURS : Penthouse Click HERE  Standard Apartment with Configurations Click HERE

glouglou moodboard.jpg